Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Coffee In Heaven -- John Agard

Guest poem submitted by Zenobia Driver:
(Poem #1071) Coffee In Heaven
    You'll be greeted
 by a nice cup of coffee
 when you get to heaven
 and strains of angelic harmony.

    But wouldn't you be devastated
 if they only serve decaffeinated
 while from the percolators of hell

    your soul was assaulted
 by Satan's fresh espresso smell?
-- John Agard
I love coffee and hence I had to check out a poem with a title that read
'Coffee in Heaven'. I love the contrast between a sterile, decaffeinated,
virtuous heaven and a strong espresso hell.



  1. Wonderful sentiment, I agree whole heartedly! that's why I'm doing everything to get to hell! I love real butter and real cream and a good delmonico, I won't mention the rest of the incriminating stuff not to do with food! Also addresses the idiocy of most religions, if you ask me.............

  2. I guess John is A-guard at hells gates.